What to Look for When Buying High Bay Lighting

Posted on Thursday Jan 24, 2019 at 08:56PM in Education

Lumens per Watt

As a rule of thumb, the higher - the more efficient. High Bay lighting uses Lumens per Watt to measure how much visible light you get for a given amount of electricity. The higher the lumens per Watt, the lower the wattage you can use to replace your existing lights.


Inexpensive LED fixtures can be tempting, but when you consider the cost and disruption of replacing all your lighting, money saved now can be money and time lost on early failures, high energy bills, and chasing warranty replacements.


Consider LEDs with control options, which can sense when a space is unoccupied (and automatically turn off the lights) and monitor the level of natural light (dimming the artificial light accordingly). Modern lighting solutions, include controls that are built into the luminaire.


Know your application. Understanding the use of these lights are heavy duty and IP65-rated, allowing them to be used in even harsh conditions. At the same time, they're very striking in appearance, so they're a great consideration for any high-ceiling application, from restaurants and retail stores to the café area of a large airport.


  • Traditional: Traditional high bay fixtures are the familiar, pendant-style shape that are outfitted with a reflector, usually made of aluminum. 
  • Round: These newer round LED high bays, often called "UFO" style lights, don't need reflectors. This allows for a more compact, low-profile design of the fixture.
  • Linear: Linear high bay fixtures work best for even, linear, light distribution. Typically these fixtures will be easy to install and connect together to form a single line of light.
  • Panel: These troffer-like LED high bays distribute light over a larger area. 

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The LED Round pendant High Bay LED fixtures are designed for 25-foot and higher ceiling applications in warehouses, gymnasiums, general manufacturing and general task areas. With an enclosed power supply housing and covered optics, these units are designed for durability in difficult installation locations.

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