Material Staging

Safe Space & Eliminate Risks

We work with our customers to determine what material is needed by project phase. Often we will combine multiple parts or types of material on a pallet and deliver what is needed by area or floor.


Customer Experience

Save space, time and money.    


Material Staging is the process of storing your Lighting, Switchgear or other large and hard to handle items in our warehouse for delivery to the Jobsite when and where you need it. The items are received, inspected, and labeled then placed in staging areas at our branch, where the products are consolidated for future release.

Material Staging for Commercial Projects

  • Customer Benefits
    • ____________

  • ♦         Material is available when you need it
  • ♦      Reduce material loss and damage

  • ♦      Reduce labor costs

    • ♦      Reduce handling of material on the job site

    • ♦      Opportunity to get paid for stored material

    • ♦      Prevent job delays



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