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Keeping track of inventory can be daunting. Save space, time and money by letting Independent Electric Supply manage your inventory tailored to your needs and demand.

Independent Electric Supply's inventory management solution focuses on reducing costs for our customer's bottom line by increasing both productivity and profits. We take pride in delivering valuable customer service to help our customers diminish as much cost as possible.

Overall Benefits: 

Decrease Ordering Costs  
Manage Inventory Levels  
Stock Inventory at Our Warehouse  
Decrease Inventory Carrying Costs  
Eliminate Stock Out Costs  
Reduce Cost of Products  
Inventory Back-Ups and Records  
Monitor Inventory Levels  
Determine Safety Stock Levels  
Open Communication  
Create Sales Order  
Stock Quantities in Multiple Locations  
Real-Time Reports

Contractor Benefits:

Reduce energy cost  
Improve the quality of lighting  
Lower maintenance expense  
Quick payback/ROI  
Reduce your carbon footprint

Value Add Services:

Walk-through energy audits  
Lighting system design  
Product demonstrations  
Payback analysis/ROI  
Utility rebate application assistance

LED Lighting Retrofit

"We offer not only inventory management solutions, but labor-saving options all focused on lowering your cost of install. Here at Independent Electric, part of our mission is to offer a value-added service differentiating us from the competition," said Dan Gray.

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