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We provide product demonstrations and work with local and regional utilities to ensure that your project receives the maximum allowable incentive. Our solutions offer the opportunity to improve  productivity, safety and the comfort of your employees and customers while saving you money by reducing your energy bill.



Latest in LED Technology


Independent Electric Supply offers the latest in LED technology,  including fixtures, replacement lamps, and state of the art controls.

Customer Experience

We will work with you.  


Whether you are working on a retrofit, new construction, or custom lighting project,  our Energy Services Team can help you identify the most efficient products,  matched with the highest incentive available.

The Process


Project Management

♦    We make sure your products are going to get the job done.
To help identify the most efficient products for your application, we will analyze the performance in the products you are using and offer the best solution possible.

ROI Proposal

♦    Get your money back over time. 
We make it crystal clear on how to measure the efficiency of the investment and save you big time with cost efficient products that will last. .

Lighting Audit

♦    Let us resolve your lighting issues.
To he lp identify the most efficient products for your application, we will analyze your current lighting performance and offer the best solution possible.

Project Management

♦    We oversee the hurdles and obstacles.
We will analyze the performance in the products you are using to help you identify the most efficient products.

  • Customer Benefits
    • ____________
  • ♦    Reduce energy cost     
  • ♦    Improve the quality of lighting

  • ♦    Lower maintenance expense

  • ♦    Quick payback/ROI

  • ♦   Reduce your carbon footprint   

Customer Testimonials:

“Margaritas had already spent a good deal of time trying to find an LED solution for our restaurants. We wanted a distributor partner that had the product expertise and could manage potential warranty issues. The team from Independent Electric Supply found a manufacturer and provided us samples for a pilot test in one of our restaurants. The pilot was a huge success and they became our consulting partner. They understood the products, applications and were able to manage the utility incentives for Margaritas.”

Kelly Barker, Margaritas Restaurants

“Independent Electric Supply was able to identify LED lighting products that met or exceeded performance expectations.As a result, we selected them as one of two suppliers for the LED retrofit project in sixty-one Massachusetts restaurants.They brought product expertise, lighting energy audits and utility incentives to us that were vital to getting this project approved and funded.”

Phil Gagne, Facilities Manager, The Ninety Nine

With 11 stores in the state of Massachusetts, Bob's Stores was looking for an LED lighting solution delivering both improved color rendering, while at the same time, reducing energy consumption. Independent Electric Supply was able deliver a solution that exceeded this customersa expectations.

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